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For Mega Tanks (6,000 - 30,000 usg), please contact us at (800) 247-8265 #2.

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The following options are available - check pricing for details on which options are available on your specific model number :

  • Exterior Prime ONLY
  • Powder Exterior
  • Enamel Exterior
  • Powder Interior, Standard Primer Exterior
  • Powder Interior & Exterior
  • Epoxy Interior - Standard Primer Exterior
  • Premium Galvanize Interior & Exterior
  • *FDA Approved Interior Lining
  • **NSF Approved Potable Water Interior Lining


  1. Standard primer - universal water based Alkyd enamel
  2. Powder coating in following colors only: gray (RAL 7011), white, black, blue (RAL 5015)
  3. Interior epoxy, where offered: gray only
  4. Exterior enamel in following colors: gray, white, black, blue
  5. * FDA lining meets FDA Regulation 175.300, Dry food at ambient temperatures, Limited wet food applications. This adder requires a custom part number.
  6. ** Potable water lining NSF approved to Standard 61. This adder requires a custom part number.